Duo-exhibition Gallery Emma Zwolle, 1992-1993

Group exhibition "Jakob aan de Jabbok" different locations, 1992-1993

Group exhibition Artrail; School for Economics Rotterdam e.o., 1997-1998

Atelierweekend Lloydhotel Amsterdam, 1998

Ateliers3 The Hague, 2000

WG-expozaal Amsterdam, 2001

Atelierweekend Westerpark Amsterdam, 2002 and 2004

Solo City council office Bos en Lommer, 2008

Solo Stopera Amsterdam, 2009

Group exhibition 'De Blauwe Schuit', former City council office Oud-West Amsterdam, 2010

Zomerexpo 'Anoniem gekozen' Gemeentemuseum The Hague, 2011

Exhibition in the office, 2012