Triptych: outside acryl on panel, inside oil on canvassed cardboard
closed 80 x 80 cm, open 80 x 160 cm

Nederlandse versie
Altarpiece outside front
altarpiece back outside
Altarpiece outside open
Altarpiece inside

The apparently hopelessness of the political situation of our time and at the same time the universal wish for a better world is the subject of this artwork. The Palistinian Israeli issue was the starting point but should not be seen as a direct reference. It is the apparently hopelessness (a better word for it is the dutch 'uitzichtloosheid' of which I could not find a good English equivalent) that is the literal as well as metaphorically pictorial element in this work of art. It is especially something I think you don't want to see, i.e. experience, in a painting. The impenetrable facade of the skyline of New York, where ones the Twin Towers stood, at the front of the outside of the triptych and the Israeli concrete wall with watchtowers in the inside of the triptych refer to the 'uitzichtloosheid' of the cultural political situation of our time. At the backside the Akropolis disappears behind the global capitalistic skyline.

The inside framework consists of an arcade with a golden background. The arch as well as gold go way back in tradition. In Roman times and christianity the arch was a symbol for victory. Gold is a precious thing, it represents that what people value greatly. Together the arch and the gold refer in this respect to the wish for a better world.

Altarpieces had, other than ordinairy paintings, specific functions. It were objects of devotion and contemplation. They had a particular place in the liturgy of the sermon and were brought out in annual processions. In this respect the triptych as a form and its possible function is as much important as the different landscapes that are depicted. In the end the outer forms and the inner content form a dialectical whole. The outside is painted in greytones (grisaille) and the inside landscape with an expressionistic touch.

There are four versions of the inside landscape. They are exchangeable. The last one is still unfinished.

One can regard this work as a prototype. I would like to develop similar works in cooporation with sponsors or as an assignment. The subject matter can be different of course. My intention is to challenge possible sponsors, institutions, companies, or anyone who is dealing with art to rethink their own role and renew their position towards painting.

altaarstuk versie 3
altaarstuk versie 2
altaarstuk versie 1
altaarstuk binnenkant